Dr. Dennis Jones

The clinic was integrated into a residential area which characterizes its community interest. Special attention was given to the arrangement of examination rooms as the most important function in the clinic. The walls of the building radiate from one point creating the variety of spaces. The lower portion of the two extending corner walls meet the building set-back requirements, while maintaining the triangular form of the building. The curved wall, planting area, and covered portal, accent the main entrance to the building, making it a more invitational entrance to visitors. The staff was provided with a separate entrance. Other functions included in this building are a common waiting and reception area, a central supply area to support the examination room, x-ray and darkroom facilities, and the employee lounge.

The building was constructed of metal studs with steel columns to support the cantilevered corners. Stucco was chosen for irregular interior walls and gypsum board was chosen as the main interior material. Bright colors dominate the interior spaces.

The America Institute of Architects Merit Award