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DART Light Rail

Location: Dallas, TX

In December 2001, McAfee3 began surveying and is continuing to conducting field reviews of the existing DART Light Rail Stations, Transit Stations, and Bus Stations, which include the entire Red Line, Blue Line, Transit Centers, and the Trinity Railway Express. These field reviews will determine existing site conditions and produce the scope of services needed to conduct improvements, art restorations, and architectural elements as needed to each station. These studies will also point out the troubled areas and offer suggestions, as well as highlighting the more notable areas and the positive effects that they have as it pertains to DART and the community.
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Metro Transit

Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority

Oklahoma City, OK
Construction Cost: $5 million
Size/Scope: 1.8 acres
Firm’s Role: Architect of Record
Services Delivered: Architecture
Project Type: New Construction

McAfee3 Architects was responsible for programming, designing, and managing the 5,500 SF building and 75,000 SF site. This facility simultaneously services 17 buses and several “express trollies”, thus maintaining constant citywide service. 1% of the construction cost went towards a Public Art Project.
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Midtown Transit Station

Firm’s Role: Architect
Location: Atlanta, GA

McAfee3 was selected for design and construction documentation for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit (MARTA). The midtown station is an underground side platform subway station with a concourse at the ground level. The reinforced concrete structure provides a canopy over the patron concourse and the bus loading and unloading area at grade level.

The canopy is constructed of intersecting reinforced concrete covered with skylights to permit natural light to penetrate the area below. The station support facility is located at an intermediate level.

The firm was responsible for the overall coordination of the work. McAfee3 designed the project and prepared construction drawings and specifications.

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Martin Luther King Station

Metro Dade County Transit Authority

Firm’s Role: Architect
Location: Miami, FL

Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza Station is a side platform above ground station. It serves both rail and bus routes. The structure is a precast concrete system with concrete panels and double tee floor system. Skylights in both the concourse and platform areas provide natural light. The station consists of three levels, a patron concourse at grade level, station support facilities at the second level and passenger platform at the third level. Also incorporated into the landscape are two reflection pools with inscription walls, bus bays, kiss and ride, bicycle parking and parking for cars are integrated with the overall facility.

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