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January 2013 Newsletter


e are pleased to announce that Charyl F. McAfee-Duncan, McAfee3 Architects’ Dallas Principal, was recently elevated to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. This honor was bestowed on Charyl for her significant contributions to the profession of architecture and for her ever-increasing service to society.

Charyl McAfee-Duncan is a committed advocate of public art and the built environment through her development of creative and engaging programs that support women architects and introduce young girls to the profession of architecture.

Charyl McAfee-Duncan impacts society by being an involved voice for the profession, by her commitment to public-art programs, her contributions to the built environment in public spaces, and the innovation and development of successful programs that influence and uplift the lives of young girls and women architects. As a role model and proactive participant, she imparts in them an appreciation and understanding of the significance and contributions of architecture.

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