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Calvary Baptist Church

The program called for a new church building to house an established congregation displaced by downtown expansion and an inner city traffic loop. The facility includes a sanctuary, a chapel and the pastor’s study on the first floor. A chapel room and conference room are on the mezzanines above a fellowship hall, classrooms, choir room, library, nursery, kitchen and mechanical rooms occupy the basement level. The structure is sandblasted, cast in place, concrete with a precast concrete double-tee floor system. Gray tinted glass compliment the window opening. The roof utilizes steel bar joints with a suspended ceiling below. The ceiling height of the mezzanines, located at either end, has been through a portion of the sanctuary, creating dramatic high and low vertical volumes.Painted gypsum board partitions divide interior spaces. Dark stained wood pews with red cushions and matching carpet highlight the interior house of worship.

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