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Samuell-Grand Tennis Ctr.

Location: Dallas, TX
End Date: June 2012

Project Size: 2500sqft. / $750,000.00
Firm’s Role: Architect of Record

The City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department is building a new pro-shop for the Samuell-Grand Tennis Center. This facility is approximately 2500 square feet and contains restrooms, office space, storage, retail space and areas for vending and small group discussion. The orientation of the building allows for day lighting opportunities to the northeast, and southwest. The interior circulation is centralized around the front desk.


The Northeast windows look out onto the neighboring courts and the Southwest windows look toward the parking lot, teaching court and entry to the tennis center. We created a garden entry and courtyard area with the remaining area of Court 14. The center is the equivalent of two courts or 13,200 sq.ft. The building itself is 2251 sq.ft.
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McAdams Park

The program required relocation of the recreation facilities of an existing park due to the construction of an interstate highway system through the area, and the establishment of a concession structure for a new baseball diamond in the park. Space requirements were for a new swimming pool, wadding pool and corresponding bathhouse facilities, shaded spectator seating areas and shaded swimmer areas. The pool deck itself was set on a three foot earth fill.

The entire pool deck was surrounded about the perimeter with double sandblasted concrete columns that provide structural elements for the bathhouse spectator and swimmer canopy areas and extend to provide lighting elements for redwood members. These benches not only provided seating, but are large enough to accommodate several swimmers who wish to use the top of these benches for sun bathing. The office area is completely glass enclosed, therefore, giving the pool manager visual control of the entire pool. The concession building for the baseball diamond was located several hundred yards to the south of the swimming pool area. A concrete press deck was elevated above the grade level, behind the concession area, under the roof slab to provide the press with an unobstructed view of the baseball diamond. The overhand of the structure provides shelter for the press and for spectators in case of rain.

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