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Midtown Transit Station

Firm’s Role: Architect
Location: Atlanta, GA

McAfee3 was selected for design and construction documentation for the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit (MARTA). The midtown station is an underground side platform subway station with a concourse at the ground level. The reinforced concrete structure provides a canopy over the patron concourse and the bus loading and unloading area at grade level.

The canopy is constructed of intersecting reinforced concrete covered with skylights to permit natural light to penetrate the area below. The station support facility is located at an intermediate level.

The firm was responsible for the overall coordination of the work. McAfee3 designed the project and prepared construction drawings and specifications.

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Martin Luther King Station

Metro Dade County Transit Authority

Firm’s Role: Architect
Location: Miami, FL

Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaza Station is a side platform above ground station. It serves both rail and bus routes. The structure is a precast concrete system with concrete panels and double tee floor system. Skylights in both the concourse and platform areas provide natural light. The station consists of three levels, a patron concourse at grade level, station support facilities at the second level and passenger platform at the third level. Also incorporated into the landscape are two reflection pools with inscription walls, bus bays, kiss and ride, bicycle parking and parking for cars are integrated with the overall facility.

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Calvary Baptist Church

The program called for a new church building to house an established congregation displaced by downtown expansion and an inner city traffic loop. The facility includes a sanctuary, a chapel and the pastor’s study on the first floor. A chapel room and conference room are on the mezzanines above a fellowship hall, classrooms, choir room, library, nursery, kitchen and mechanical rooms occupy the basement level. The structure is sandblasted, cast in place, concrete with a precast concrete double-tee floor system. Gray tinted glass compliment the window opening. The roof utilizes steel bar joints with a suspended ceiling below. The ceiling height of the mezzanines, located at either end, has been through a portion of the sanctuary, creating dramatic high and low vertical volumes.Painted gypsum board partitions divide interior spaces. Dark stained wood pews with red cushions and matching carpet highlight the interior house of worship.

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Dr. Dennis Jones

The clinic was integrated into a residential area which characterizes its community interest. Special attention was given to the arrangement of examination rooms as the most important function in the clinic. The walls of the building radiate from one point creating the variety of spaces. The lower portion of the two extending corner walls meet the building set-back requirements, while maintaining the triangular form of the building. The curved wall, planting area, and covered portal, accent the main entrance to the building, making it a more invitational entrance to visitors. The staff was provided with a separate entrance. Other functions included in this building are a common waiting and reception area, a central supply area to support the examination room, x-ray and darkroom facilities, and the employee lounge.

The building was constructed of metal studs with steel columns to support the cantilevered corners. Stucco was chosen for irregular interior walls and gypsum board was chosen as the main interior material. Bright colors dominate the interior spaces.

The America Institute of Architects Merit Award

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Youth Village

Masterplan and Building Design

Location: Dallas, TX.

With HOK, the project is to design a 122,734sq.ft. Youth facility for the Dallas County Juvenile Department and Dallas County. This facility will meet or exceed the recommendations of the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission and the Texas Department of Family Protective services. Our mission is to design a facility that is specific to this site, to its community, and Dallas County’s vision for this facility. The intent of the interior design concept is for the building to not look like a “kid’s jail”. Less institutionalized but safe. The finishes are durable and easy to maintain. Colors, artificial lighting, and natural day lighting will be managed artfully and aesthetically to create an environment that communicates this is a very special place.
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Jackson Ward Ctr.

Health Center

Location: Richmond, VA

McAfee3 provided on-going design services for a six story health center with sub-level parking provisions. The center caters to both in-patient and out-patient facilities. The building is proposed to blend architecturally with the historic neighborhood. The 140,000 sq. ft. building was designed to house the City’s Health department on three of the six floors. The facility was to include consultation rooms, doctors’ lounges, physician offices, X-ray and laboratory, examination rooms, Nursing, Health Education, Office of Minority Health, Environmental Health, and the Health Department.

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Eubanks Residence

Wichita, Kansas

1964 First Honor Award, Federal Housing Administration
1964 Certificate of Merit American Institute of Architects, Kansas Chapter

Space and financial restrictions demanded frugal use of space, and the client’s request that the design provide an atmosphere compatible for casual or formal occasions, demanded an orderly, sensitive approach to arrangement and material selection.

The solution was based on the concept of creating indoor and outdoor living with the use of extensive glass areas and controlled views.



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Lincoln Redevelopment

The contents in this report focused on problem-solving within the Lincoln Redevelopment area of Kansas City. Although the problems that affected residents in the Lincoln area were similar to other inner cities (including poor housing, crime and unemployment) the mechanism employed to effectively and systematically deal with problems were unique.

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Sack ‘n Save

Location: Dallas, TX

This project involved the renovation of an existing 49,887 sq. ft. store and the addition of 9,797 square feet. New design and interior finish-out provided by McAfee3 included reconstruction of the storefront as well as numerous specialty service areas located at the front of the store. The building benefited from new sprinkler, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Site development included the addition of a new “On the Go” fuel station, parking for 305 vehicles, lighting, landscaping and signage.

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Howard Johnson Hotel

Location: Wichita, KS

This 100 room modular hotel is located adjacent to Wichita State University Campus. This 4 story structure houses a small restaurant a swimming pool and meeting rooms. The total development cost for this project is $7 million dollars. By building within the controlled environment of a factory and shipping “rooms” to a site we get higher quality and greater volume while saving 10 to 30 percent over traditional stick construction. Connecting toe standard modules together, it creates 480-to-600 SF guestrooms with better sound and temperature qualities than typical stick buildings.

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